Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spring Love Wedding Show on March 30, 2014

Get $5 off $10 door tickets at
We are so excited to experience with you our first bridal show at The Princess Anne Country Club that provides the perfect setting for engagement parties to weddings! It is also an excellent venue with a relaxing atmosphere. The quality of the surroundings, the excellence of the food service, the visual appeal of the facility, and its picturesque location make this the perfect location to gather. Won't it be nice, after your guests have gone home, to reflect back and have no regrets? Call (757) 428-4141 for directions.
Brides & Guests are $5 tickets online or $10 at the door. Grooms are FREE. After registration, you will enter into The First Landing Room with the first of three area exhibitors. At 2pm, doors will open to the second of three areas named The Virginia Ballroom to meet and greet more of the participating exhibitors. The third of three areas, The Prince Charles Room will feature a 4pm fashion show by A Gown For You and Gown Rentals by McEllis, as well as more participating exhibitors.
At registration, you will receive the following:
  1. The first one hundred (100) brides will receive a $1000 certificate in grocery savings from over 1000 national brand products with a mini tote filled with goodies. Use this certificate to receive your favorite name-brand grocery coupons! Save up to 50% every time you shop on the brands you already buy!
  2. The first one hundred (100) grooms will receive a $1000 certificate in savings from your favorite restaurants! Use this certificate to receive $1000 in coupons and save up to 50% on your bill!
  3. At least one hundred (100) will receive a Gift Card from These beautiful Glass Impressions change the way you show your photos printed directly on glass using state of the art technology in remarkable color intensity.
After meeting and greeting all the participating exhibitors in all three major areas, the following prizes will be awarded onstage in The Prince Charles Room before 5pm close:
  1. Four (4) lucky brides get a Married Name Change Card with free online account from, the premier web service for brides to simplify changing your last name process.
  2. At least two (2) newlyweds will win Two Weddings Bands! You can choose any style in the Tungsten Carbide Timeless Collection from JVL Jewelry. Many sizes to choose from!
  3. A Five Day Hawaii Getaway Certificate from Vacation Getaways. Winner will get an ID Number to redeem, which will be located at the bottom right corner of the certificate. Check back here as we get closer to this event and see more prize information!
  4. GRAND PRIZE: To be announced soon!
Keep checking back here to see more prize information added as we get closer to this event!